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VeganBio's mission is the development of plantbased foods of excellence in qualitative terms, made with unique tasty, clean raw ingredients produced in Europe with best quality and food safety according to high standards and European Legal Framework in the production facility operating for exclusive plantbased foods production. 

To fulfil this objective, VeganBio has a department dedicated to scientific and technological research to rigorously promote innovation regarding nutritional parameters during the conceptual process of formulation of its new plantbased foods products, with emphasis on natural resources where viable and reliable alternatives can be observed as vegetable proteins among other plantbased byproducts that are considered fundamental requirements for a balanced plantbased diet from the nutritional, texture, taste and sensory point of view.

Our determination to combine the best of the plants world with the appropriate methodology of science configures our products as best option for plantbased diet solutions,  to deliver best plantbased foods in every global , where we intend to make our plantabsed foods to arrive always with the best quality and respect for Nature and at the same time guarantee the equitable management for both human and natural ecosystems health and sustainability promoting biodiversity regenerative processes to protect natural resources because these are the ones that deliver plantbased industry the vital raw materials!

Sustainability is the law for our business and work development. 

Our scientific laboratory is based at Flemingsberg Science Center, TRACK, Stockholm Sweden.

The address of our laboratory is as follows:


Hälsovägen 7, Huddinge, Sweden

6WCR+75 Huddinge 

Picture Credits  Flemingsberg Science Center



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