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Be Vegan Foods is a European based company, founded in Portugal in 2017, with Vegan Bio brand, by Klaudia F, a scientist working in neurobiology and investing in PlantBased organic foods development and production applying plants phytonutrients research.


Our corporate mission is to offer our contribute to end hunger, achieve food security, improve human nutrition, promote sustainable food industry and to accelerate climate change proactive action business with plantbased foods industrial ecosystem in our carbon zero emissions factory unit plant located in the northern region of Portugal, with focus on developing scientific innovative plantbased proteins solutions with phytonutrients application in our plantbased foods, exploring new outcomes for foodtech development with a clear vision on biophotonics technology as effective robust tool for food safety and quality monitoring towards functional plantbased foods innovative formulation and production for human and natural ecosystems regenerative processes to promote Planet Health resilient and sustainable future.

To fulfill this objective, Vegan Bio Foods, developed a department dedicated to scientific and technological research to rigorously promote innovation regarding vital nutritional parameters during the conceptual process of products formulation, with emphasis on natural sources innovative and sustainable management where viable and reliable alternatives can be observed for development of plantbased proteins sources to promote mitochondrial biogenesis and thermogenic function among other criteria for optimal cellular nutrition that are considered fundamental requirements for a balanced plantbased foods diet that include organic vegan cheezes, vegan burgers, vegan desserts, vegan fastfood, vegan ready meals, from the optimal nutritional balance, texture, taste and sensorial perspective.

Our determination to reconcile the best of the plants biological ecosystems with proper methodology of science work, is the main goal concerning our operational production guidance and innovative methods so that the final product results align with the reality of a dream coming true at every family table in this planet where we intend to bring our plantbased foods always with the best quality, respect and love for Nature and at the same time with the guarantee of ethical equitable management for health and sustainability promotion of natural resources because these are the unique elements that offer us the vital raw materials for a healthy happy life and business powered by plants biological technology ancient knowledge that we intend to translate into the best clean label natural plantbased foods products with Vegan Bio Foods. 

Join us!

Vegan Bio Foods HQ Team

    Our Services

    Support for companies and individuals (development of vegan spaces in hospitals, hotels, schools, clinics, galleries, sustainable tourism, supermarkets, etc.).

    Organization of PlantBased Events.

    Distribution of PlantBased Products.

    Specialized Training for PlantBased Professionals (chefs, health professionals, etc.).

    PlantBased Products R&D for Companies Private Label B2B.


    Find us globally with AICEP TEAM: 

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    Our affiliations and partnerships 



    Guião para a Implementação de Planos de Igualdade nas Empresas (GENDER BALANCED COMPANY)





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