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  • Be Vegan Foods holds the concept of changing the general view on plantbased food to a healthy one as well as changing public opinion towards plantbased food to a tasty one by introducing healthy Vegan styled food conveniently to customers. We have already developed vegan burgers and other vegan fast foods like vegan cheeses and vegan nuggets by replacing the meat ingredients with gluten free, GMO free vegetables, and replacing the unhealthy fast food with healthier ones to make plantbased food refreshing.
  • Customers are able to choose their own mix of ingredients to create their own plantbased foods recipes so as to enjoy fresh feelings towards our plantbased foods.


  • We also provide friendly customer service to support the ecosystem for healthy lifestyle as our target market is global market.


  • Be Vegan Foods mission is to develop unique and high quality plantbased foods in qualitative terms, produced in Portugal and manufactured with natural raw ingredients from exclusive local farming.

  • To fulfill this objective, Be Vegan Foods has a department dedicated to scientific and technological research to rigorously promote innovation regarding vital nutritional parameters during the conceptual process of its products, with emphasis on natural sources innovative and sustainable management where viable and reliable alternatives can be observed for development of plant based proteins sources to promote mitochondrial biogenesis and thermogenic function among other criteria for optimal cellular nutrition that are considered fundamental requirements for a balanced plantbased foods diet that include vegan cheeses, vegan burgers, vegan  cakery and vegan sandwiches, from the optimal nutritional balance, texture and taste point of view.



  • Our determination to reconcile the best of the plants biological ecosystems with the proper methodology of science work, sets up our operational production guidance and methodology so that the final product result align with the reality of a dream coming true in every table on this planet where we intend to bring our plant based foods always with the best quality, respect and love for Nature and at the same time with the guarantee of ethical equitable management for health and sustainability promotion of natural resources because these are the unique elements that offer us the vital raw material for a healthy life. 

Join us! 

Vegan Bio HQ 

Our Services

  • Support for companies and individuals (development of vegan spaces in hospitals, hotels, schools, clinics, galleries, rural tourism, shops, cafeterias, supermarkets, etc.).
  • Organization of Vegan Events.
  • Distribution of Vegan Food Products, personal hygiene, cleaning, etc.
  • Specialized Training for Vegan Professionals (chefs, health professionals, etc.).
  • PlantBased Foods Products R&D for Companies Private Label B2B. 


AICEP Be Vegan Foods Company